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Featured Products
Freeze-Dried Persimmons  
  A delightful snack that melts in your mouth.  
1 oz. bag  
Blood Orange Juice  
  Refreshing and delicious. 100% Organic.  
1/2 gallon. NOTE: Item is frozen. Select OVERNIGHT or 2-DAY AIR shipping ONLY! (Unless on the West coast)  
Dried, Sliced Persimmons (4 oz.)  
  A delicious Organic healthy snack.100% Organic  
4 oz  
Dried Sliced Persimmons (2.5 lb. bag)  
Lemongrass Powder  
  Lemongrass is an aromatic citrus flavored seasoning commonly used in Asian cooking to enhance the flavor of curry, soups, stews and casseroles made with fish, chicken or pork.  
1.4 oz. bottle  


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