Fuyu Persimmons are Back!

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Fuyu Persimmon


Yes, that's right!  They're finally coming in!  Our mild spring and summer this year slowed down the ripening of many of our crops, including our beloved Fuyu persimmons.  We've just started picking them, and it's a big crop this year.  We expect to be harvesting through November and December

We start picking our Fuyus at the beginning of the season when they're still a little underripe.  Their color right now is yellow-orange, they're super crunchy, and some are just a tiny bit astringent. Fuyus aren't as tannic as Hachiyas though, and are pleasant to eat even when they're not soft yet.  Our delivery driver enjoyed a couple this morning and he was all smiles! 

If you like your persimmons Sweet-with-a-capital-S, you can either order some now and leave them on your windowsill for several days, let them get friendly with a banana in a paper bag, or just wait a couple weeks to order and allow them to ripen on our trees a bit more.

However you enjoy your persimmons, don't miss out!  We'll begin shipping on Tuesday, October 15th. 

Fuyu Persimmon

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