Hachiya Persimmons!

Posted by Andrew Bushnell on

We're in the middle of a big Fuyu Persimmon season (did you order yours yet?), but we also have two beautiful old Hachiya Persimmon trees here at Beck Grove.  Every year they give us a couple hundred pounds of gorgeous fruit, and the trick is picking when it's juuuust right!  Hachiyas are an astringent variety, which means they can only be eaten when they are absolutely, positively, 100% ripe (they will feel like a water balloon at this point).  We try to pick them when they are 3-5 days from that point, so they ship well without damage.  They are worth the wait!  A fully ripe Hachiya is just about the sweetest fruit you have ever eaten. 

Like the jujubes, which sold out in one day (!), we expect the Hachiyas to go quickly.  Don't miss out! 

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