Jujubes are Back in Season!

Posted by Andrew Bushnell on


Jujubes are back!  We only have a few of these trees planted along the edges of the Grove, and we have to restrain ourselves from eating them as we walk by each morning.  Crunchy and sweet like the best Fuji apples, but much lower in acidity.  We pick them when they're brown and plump, before they dry and wrinkle up.  Perfect for tossing into a picnic lunch and eating out of hand, just watch out for the pit inside!  We don't have many of these, and the season is short, so put your order in soon

Since some of you have asked, "what's the deal with Jujubes candy then?"  We remember getting that candy stuck to our teeth when we were kids, but were surprised to find out that the recipe goes back to the 1700's and used to include real jujube fruit.

We update our website as soon as our Grove Foreman tells us a new crop is ready.  Check in to see if your favorite fruits (hmm, persimmons perhaps?) are available yet!

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