Limes! Limes! Limes!

Posted by Andrew Bushnell on


Limes, limes, limes!  After a long cool spring and summer, our trees have finally awakened from their sleep and are providing us with these emerald gems.  Bright and flavorful, our Beck Grove organic limes are perfect for ceviche, classic lime sherbet, meringue tarts, or just to mix with your favorite gin & tonic.  We always freeze a few cups of lime juice in ice cube trays (for cocktails) and lime zest in freezer bags (for baking).

....And to answer the question that everyone is asking: when will the persimmons be ready!?!?  Well, they're on the trees and have just started turning from green to yellow.  We're hoping that the warm late summer weather of San Diego will ripen them up for picking by the end of October.  Check our website at to see what's available!  We update it as soon as we start picking the fruit. 


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