Persimmon Summer?

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We love summer and the glorious weather here in Fallbrook, but it's also the time of year when almost everything is out of season for us!  We just said goodbye to the last of our kumquats and blood oranges, and we're already getting calls for bearss limes (almost!), kaffir limes (not quite!), and even persimmons (autumn is coming!). 

This is the time of year when we look to our freezer for inspiration!  At the end of each persimmon season, when the fruit is at its sweetest, we puree and freeze thousands of pounds of our organic fuyu persimmons.  We then use the puree year-round for making pies, cakes, ice creams and even BBQ sauce in the summer.  I made two Triple Layer Fuyu Persimmon Pies for our July 4th family party and they were all gone before the entrees were even finished. 

Our Organic Fuyu Persimmon Puree is available in 2-lb packages on our website for $20 each, plus shipping.  We also have frozen Organic Blood Orange Juice available in quarts for $5 and half-gallons for $10 plus shipping.  All of our frozen items require 1-day shipping.

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  • I am so glad to have found your website. I need to make a 97 year old Navy Veteran his favorite cookie: persimmon cookies with raisins and walnuts. He loves them and I love baking them for him. I plan to order a bag of persimmon puree. I need to bake the cookies for September 24, 2019!

    Yvonne Quevedo on

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