Washington Navels!

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Washington Navels are here!  No, we're not buying oranges from Washington and sending them to you.  Originally from Brazil, the first trees were imported to the United States by the Department of Agriculture in 1870.  A dozen trees were planted in a Washington, D.C. greenhouse (thus the name) before being propagated for plantings in Florida and California.  In fact, the last of those first plantings, named The Parent Tree, is still alive, at the head of Magnolia Avenue in Riverside California! 

We started growing our organic & biodynamic Washington Navels many years ago, and they're fruiting right now.  Sweet, seedless and easy to peel, it's no wonder why we love them so much each winter.  This week we are offering them in 10-pound boxes for only $5 per box plus shipping!  We're expecting to sell out of these quickly.  All orders will ship on Monday 3/9/20, and if any are left, we'll ship them on the following Monday. 

These oranges are limited!  We don't grow many, so put your order in quickly!

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