Dancy Mandarin Tangerines, Organic and Biodynamic

Dancy Mandarin Tangerines, Organic and Biodynamic

In season December through January

The first American tangerine, the Mandarin Dancy (Citrus Reticulata) is named after Colonel G.L. Dancy of Orange Mills, Florida, who is believed to be the first person having the rumored Tangiers, Moroccan seedling tree in his orchard in 1867. 

The small fruit features rich flavor, a deep orange-colored flesh, a smooth reddish-orange to a glossy deep orange rind and peels quite easily. The tree it is picked from is densely foliated with countless reddish-orange clusters.

Dancys are an excellent source of vitamin C, folate, potassium as well as vitamin A, beta-carotene and antioxidants. 

Although most commonly peeled and eaten in segments, Dancy segments can be used in both fresh and cooked dishes. Segments can be added to green or mixed fruit salads as well as added to baked muffins, cakes or tarts.

The rind proves to be an excellent zest for marmalades, baked goods and beverages. The juice and pulp is also used for sauces and vinaigrettes as well as jams and jellies.

Dancys easily pair well with aged and soft cheeses, chocolates as well as fresh herbs such as mint and basil.


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