Gold Nugget Mandarins, Organic and Biodynamic

In season January and February

Getting its name from its golden-orange skin and pebbled appearance of being a real gold nugget, Gold Nuggets (Citrus reticulata) are a cross between the Wilking and Kincy mandarins. A juicy variety, they taste sweet with a hint of tartness. Its flesh is deep orange in color and the fruit is usually seedless.

Gold Nuggets are high in vitamin C, folate and dietary fiber as well as vitamin A, calcium, potassium and antioxidants.

Gold Nugget Mandarins are usually eaten fresh, tossed in salads, served in a fruit tart or added to any dessert. They are also commonly juiced for cocktails or smoothies. Paired with shallots, dried or fresh berries, olive oil, fennel and fresh herbs, they are delicious served with chicken, pork or seafood.

STORING FRUIT: We defer to the experts at the University of California Davis when we recommend storing all of our fruit at room temperature (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit) because refrigerator temperatures (usually 38-42 degrees) can damage them and/or prevent them from ripening to their best flavor and texture. Place produce in an open bowl or on a countertop out of direct sunlight to prevent produce from becoming too warm. Once cut or prepared, all fruits should be refrigerated promptly.


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