Kumquat Puree (frozen)

  • $20.00

These frozen items combine for more economical shipping!  We can get up to eight of the 2# pouches into a single insulated box. 

Available Year Round, Until Sold Out

Call (760) 723-9997 for larger quantities. 

Our Kumquat Puree is made from Beck Grove’s own Nagami Kumquats. All natural, no additives, just pure unpasteurized fruit pulp. Craft brewers, pastry chefs and bakers will find this an amazing flavoring agent.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Food Safety our frozen items must arrive at your door within one day of leaving our grove. We must insist on FedEx Overnight for any delivery areas outside of Southern California-we make no exceptions. Packing in ice does not keep the product frozen for delivery times greater than overnight.  Defrosting is recommended onsite at the product destination not during the shipping transit time. Refrigerated trucks are used to ship large orders.

FedEx shipping gets less expensive as weight increases; would you consider adding another fruit puree to your order?


Our Passion & Our Promise — Growing and creating the highest quality produce and products. All Natural. No Additives. No Preservatives. No GMOs. Ever.

SHIPPING: We ship only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  All frozen items must ship to arrive within one day of dispatch.