About Us


We are a small, family owned farm in Fallbrook, California, located in the northern most part of San Diego County. We are a certified biodynamic, organic grove and we lovingly tend to more than 2,000 exotic citrus fruit trees and specialty herbs.

Our grove is devoted to less-mainstream produce: Fuyu Persimmons, Nagami Kumquats, Kaffir Limes, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Bearss Limes, Minneolas, Blood Oranges, Meyer Lemons, Satsuma Tangerines, Mexican Guavas, Cara Cara Navels, Cherimoyas, Fremont and Pixie Tangerines, Passion Fruit, Sapotes, Pomegranates and Surinam Cherries.

Our herbs: Lemongrass, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Hoja Santos and Curry Leaves.


Back in 1968, this land was originally planted with avocado trees, but by 1982 — when Helene and Robert Beck headed south from Los Angeles looking for a new home and a healthier lifestyle — the grove had fallen on hard times. Undaunted, the Becks purchased the property, got their hands dirty and set about restoring this ailing tract of land. Through trial and error, soil studies and classes, Helene and Robert decided that organic was the way to go, and shortly thereafter, they also began the process of becoming certified biodynamic.


In 1987, the grove was registered for organic production with the California Department of Agriculture and was certified organic in 1991 by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), which has set the toughest standards in the world for organic agriculture. We have been certified biodynamic by Demeter since 1994.

We are NON-GMO. We do not grow any genetically modified plants.

All substances applied to the grove are CCOF-approved. Fertilization is based on deriving the most benefit from natural biological processes. This is accomplished through the use of organic materials such as manure, composted materials, mulches and fish emulsion — all of which enhance the soil’s natural microbial activity in nourishing our plants.

We have our own steer, cows, chickens and ducks to provide natural fertilizer and we also love and encourage bees!

Pests are controlled with biodegradable soap sprays, copper tree bands, mylar streamers, scare devices, rodent traps, sticky insect traps, and the use of beneficial insects such as lady bugs, lace wings, praying mantis and decollete snails.

We are committed to growing and giving our customers the finest produce. Beck Grove and La Vigne Organics are symbols of quality fruit for good health.

In 2017, please join us in celebrating our 35th Anniversary.



Fallbrook, founded in the late 1800s and once known as the Avocado Capital of the World, is now home to many crops. Ecologically aware and active, the community protects its natural land preserves, groundwater tables, streams, and some of the most beautiful Live Oak Trees in California.