Guavas, Organic and Biodynamic

Sorry to say our Guava season has ended.

In season September through December

We grow the lovely little "red" guava, the apple guava (Psidium guajava), also called the Mexican guava since it is native to Mexico and Central America. This guava is the most frequently eaten of the guava species, and the one often simply referred to as “the guava.” It is about 2 to 4 inches long and can be round or oval. It has a very pronounced sweet, musky fragrance. The outer skin is thin and soft and sweet. The fruit turns from green to yellow as it ripens. The pulp inside is a deep pink or red color, and it has hard seeds in the central pulp that should not be eaten. When ripe, the fruit is creamy in texture with a rind that softens to be fully edible.

Mature green fruit can be stored for about two weeks at temperature between 46° and 50°F and relative humidity of 85 to 95 percent. Once fully ripened and yellow in color, the fruit cannot be stored for any extended periods. It bruises easily and will quickly deteriorate.

The guava can be eaten raw — typically cut into quarters with the seeds removed. Also, because of its high level of pectin, guavas are extensively used to make candies, preserves, jellies, jams, and marmalades and also for juices and aguas frescas.

Guavas are rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, with moderate levels of folic acid. Having a generally broad, low-calorie profile of essential nutrients, a single common guava (P. guajava) fruit contains about four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange.

We defer to the experts at the University of California Davis when we recommend storing all of our fruit at room temperature (around 70 degrees fahrenheit) because refrigerator temperatures (usually 38-42 degrees) can damage them and/or prevent them from ripening to their best flavor and texture. Place produce in an open bowl or on a countertop out of direct sunlight to prevent produce from becoming too warm. Once cut or prepared, all fruits should be refrigerated promptly.


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SHIPPING: Guavas are delicate and must ship to arrive within two days of dispatch.

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