Jewels from My Grove Cookbook

Jewels from My Grove Cookbook

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Helene Beck's Jewels From My Grove is the culmination of more than 30 years that she and her husband, Robert, lovingly spent restoring an ailing tract of farmland. Their vision and passion bore fruit — a wonderfully healthy biodynamic organic citrus grove — and this cookbook is Helene's love letter to her three favorite orange-hued jewels — persimmons, kumquats, and blood oranges. In addition to beautiful grove and food photography, you'll find recipes for some of Helene's most cherished citrus-centric dishes that are both easy and challenging, savory and sweet, all wrapped in a story that is compelling and heart-warming.

A Taste of What You'll Find Inside Jewels From My Grove:

Beet Piquant Salad with Blood Oranges, Avocados, and Pistachios Blood Orange Salad with Candied Almonds Cool Palate-Pleasing Fuyu Persimmon Soup Fuyu Persimmon Chinese Chicken with Crispy Rice Sticks and Plum Sauce Fuyu Persimmon Chipotle Prime Rib with Cardamom Spice Rub Kumquat Pasta with Hazelnuts Crab Cakes with Blood Oranges and Papaya Sauce Mahi-Mahi Quesadilla with Fuyu Persimmon Salsa Blood Orange Marmalade Muffins Kumquat Scones with Blood Orange Zest and Candied Ginger Kumquat, Oatmeal, and White Chocolate Cookies Blood Orange Cheesecake Grand Marnier Blood Orange Tart Kumquat Coconut Sponge Cake Blood Orange Frozen Yogurt


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