Meyer Lemons, Organic and Biodynamic

In Season December through February

We adore our Meyer Lemons! These glorious plump fruits, about the size of a baseball, are bursting with a sweeter, less acidic juice than the more common Eureka Lemon. They have a smooth, thin and very fragrant skin. The juicy flesh can have a faint orange appearance, is moderately seedy and a thinner layer white pith than typical lemons. The Meyer Lemon, botanically classified as Citrus x meyeri, is believed to be a cross between a lemon and a Mandarin and was introduced to the United States in 1908 by USDA agricultural explorer Frank Nicholas Meyer who collected a sample of the plant on a trip to China.

Try Meyer Lemon juice and zest in vinaigrettes, lemonade or cocktails. Meyer lemons add a delicious burst of lemon to aioli, chicken and seafood, and just a squeeze with a bit of olive oil makes a great low-cal, healthy salad dressing. The sweet uses for Meyer Lemons are endless too...lemon curd, lemon pie, lemon loaf, lemon bars.  We also make ours into Preserved Moroccan Lemons. 

6 medium lemons = about 1 cup of juice 1 medium lemon = about 3 teaspoons grated peel

STORING FRUIT: We defer to the experts at the University of California Davis when we recommend storing all of our fruit at room temperature (around 70 degrees fahrenheit) because refrigerator temperatures (usually 38-42 degrees) can damage them and/or prevent them from ripening to their best flavor and texture. Place produce in an open bowl or on a countertop out of direct sunlight to prevent produce from becoming too warm. Once cut or prepared, all fruits should be refrigerated promptly. Obviously, use all fruits and herbs within a few days since longer storage can result in loss of freshness and flavor.


Our Passion & Our Promise — Growing and creating the highest quality produce and products. All Natural. No Additives. No Preservatives. No GMOs. Ever.

SHIPPING: We hand pick our lemons to order and ship only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to arrive within 3 days of dispatch, in order to maintain optimal freshness.